An Injured Sergio Ramos Scores Awesome Bicycle Kick

Injured shoulder? Psh. This Sergio Ramos bicycle kick shows that the Madrid captain care more about scoring epic golazo's then some ailing shoulding. Ramos had already missed six games due to the injury and has played in a handful of matches (Atlético, Celta, Sevilla and Champions League games against PSG) thanks to taking cortisone shots before matches. That only makes this goal more badass considering Ramos the fact that it sounds like Ramos should is about to fall off. 

Neymar Scores A Potential Puskas Winner

Lionel Messi hasn't played for Barcelona since September 26th. But in that time, Barcelona has rallied off a 7-1-1 record in all competitions, and it's thanks to the performances from Neymar and Luis Suarez. This past weekend illustrated just that, and it wasn't hard to see after watching Neymar's ridiculous goal to give Barcelona a 1-0 lead vs Villarreal. The comparisons of Neymar and Ronaldinho have long been going on in the soccer community, but this goal really showed that Neymar could be as special as the former Barcelona #10.

He Scored The Greatest Goal Falling Flat On His Face.

Sometimes greatness happens by accident. That is exactly what happened when Philipp Schobesberger fell flat on his face en route to a superb finish, that honestly should land him on the Puskas. Okay, maybe his goal shouldn't be on the Puskas watchlist, but it was clinical and it deceived everyone involved, including himself. But we're just going to pretend that he planned the entire thing and that is was the best goal of the year. 

Watch Bayern Munich Run Circles Around Arsenal

After a 2-0 victory in the Emirates against Bayern Munich in the last Champions League match, you knew Pep Guardiola's lads were going come out firing against the Gunners from North London. In all honestly, a 5-1 drubbing against the leaders from the EPL wasn't really that much of a surprise considering in Bayern's last 5 home matches, they have outscored opponents 24-3. The best goal from the match was David Alaba's beautiful curler that honestly put the nail in the coffin in the 44th minute.

Ronaldo's Best Goals

Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima should be considered as one of the greatest footballers to ever live. Known to most as "Ronaldo", the Brazilian from Rio de Janiero was an absolute horse on the field while having the touch of a cat. The number 9 striker always seemed to be two steps ahead of his counter parts and would constantly leave his opponents baffled or guessing what his next move would be. This video showcases that he is the real "Ronaldo". Like in all sports, the rare combination of speed, strength and creativity was what seperated Ronaldo from other strikers. 

Coutinho Ruins Chelsea

It has been a disappointing start to the season so far for the lads from Stamford Bridge. Things at the Cobham training Centre aren't going to get easier after Liverpool and Philipe Coutinho beat Chelsea 3-1 this past weekend. After opening the scoring in the fourth minute, it looked like a rejuvenated Chelsea squad would be able to handle the new look Reds. Philipe Countinho's two goals for Liverpool were vintage Coutinho, as he showed his range with his left and right foot. 

Alex Morgan Scored Her Most Stunning Goal Ever And Laughed It Off Like A Boss

There are a lot of people out there that think women aren’t good at soccer, that think even the professional women playing soccer aren’t good at playing soccer. Let this clip, and Alex Morgan show them how wrong they are. It portrays nothing less than Alex Morgan’s best goal.  

As if it weren’t impressive already, while everyone watching is all like...

...Alex Morgan is just smirkin’ like a fool at Alex Morgan's best goal. 

Arsenal Team Golazo vs Norwich 2013

When Arsenal are playing well, their passes are crisp, they're holding possession and they score beautiful goals that keep Arsene Wenger from actually getting a legit striker. With that said, this Arsenal goal vs Norwich in 2013 was a masterpiece. The Jack Wilshere and Olivier Giroud link up displayed tikki-takka football at its finest and it arguably was the best goal of that 2013 campaign. Lets break it down. 

Bambi's Mom May Have Just Scored The Goal Of The Year

We have some very exciting news on a hot prospect out of the United States who runs like the wind, has quick feet and shifty movement. That's because the hot prospect is a deer. A soccer deer.

No, this isn't a movie about a cute fury animal that thinks it's people excelling at a people sport, like Air Bud. Air Bud is fiction. This is real.