Alex Morgan Scores Fastest Goal in US Soccer History

Before many fans could even sign into their cable accounts and stream the USWNT Olympic Qualifer against Costa Rica, Alex Morgan had already put the USWNT up 1 - 0. It took 12 seconds, two passes, an immediate long ball, flick on header, two touches,and a shot to give the USWNT the start they craved for. The USWNT continued to dominate play and added two more goals soon after, however Alex Morgan's goal will be remembered for years to come. This goal was the fastest in US Soccer history. Morgan's goal was symbolic for the USWNT.

Jamie Vardy With The Sensational Volley vs. Liverpool

Jamie. Vardy. Those two words have taken over this 2015 - 2016 English Premier League season. While his name was in numerous transfer rumors to some of the top clubs, Leicester City decided to keep their beloved striker and are expecting to sign him for the long run. The first place club faced Liverpool Tuesday night and in the 60th minute, Vardy unleashed a sensational volley from outside of the box. His league leading 17th goal was masterful as he volleyed a long ball off the bounce leaving Liverpool keeper, Simon Migonlet standing still.

Wayne Rooney with the Curler in the FA Cup

Some say he was offsides, but no matter the call, Wayne Rooney scored a delightful goal today against Derby. While playing away in the 4th round of the FA Cup, Rooney beat the Derby keeper with a curling ball from the left corner of the box. With a lackluster first half of the season, Rooney is a changed man in 2016. He has six goals for the new year and has been making under pressure manager, LVG very happy. With Rooney's curling effort, Manchester United would go on to beat Derby 3 - 1.

Understand The Science Behind Messi’s Insane Curved Goals

Messi cannot break the laws of physics. As much as some of his fans love to say that he does, and as magical as his talent may seem, it is physically impossible for him to break the laws of physics. It is impossible for all of us, independent of some sort of incredible technology, to break the laws of physics. With a ball at his feet, Messi must obey the same laws as everyone else in the world. He just happens to be the best in the world at pushing those laws to their very limits. He can put the ball wherever he wants, curve it however he wants, but how does he do it?

These 5 Rules Show 19th Century Soccer Was An Entirely Different Game

On the surface, soccer seems to be strikingly different from other sports such as American football and rugby, but 19th century soccer actually shared more in common with these sports than you might think. Here are five surprising traits from the early version of the game. 

1. You could catch the ball

This Striker Shot The Ball 15 Yards Right Of Goal. His Curve Put It In The Back Of The Net.

Samuel Eto’o and I first met in FIFA 10. I am not ashamed to say this. I was new to the game and he was really fast and could finish. It was a match made in heaven. Not to mention, that this was before I started to follow professional soccer with the eye of someone who writes about the sport for a living. Little did I know then how much of a baller Eto’o really was in real life. I didn’t know that he was on Barcelona before he won the treble for Inter. I didn’t know that he once lined up along side Lionel Messi and Ronaldinho in attack for Barcelona.

Di Maria's Left Footed Volley From 20+

Things are going pretty good for Paris Saint Germain. How good? Well they haven't lost since November 3rd, 2015. They've played 16 matches since then, and have tallied 15 wins and only 1 loss. So this Angel di Maria volley is right the the alley of how things are going for PSG. Di Maria was running right to left when Luca Moura feed him a arching pass. But the Argentina handled it perfectly and caught the goalkeeper off his line, scoring a beauty from 20 yards. Di Maria isn't having too bad a season either. 

Ozil Can Juggle Gum, But What’s More Impressive Is Where He Can Stick It.

We all know that Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil can stick the ball to his feet like it’s a bulbous piece of Juicy Fruit, but Adidas’ new skills video may have taken that simile a little too literally.