Firecracker Alert Feat. Alexis Sanchez

Alexis Sanchez unleashed a vicious strike in the 50th minute to double Chile's lead over Panama in the Copa Americas. An absolute perfect hit to say the least that left the goalkeeper or any aspect of human life no chance at reacting that fast. Worth a few watches and a note to watch Chile's next game because you never know when Alexis will do it again. Well done son. Have a day! 

Payet's Moment Of Brilliance Saves The Host Country

In case you missed it here is the stunner from Dimitri Payet. It was evident from the opening ceremony how much this game and tournament was going to mean to the French players. Tears of pure joy falling down Payet's face is all you need to see to know the meaning of his goal. Romania fought hard as they tied the game up with a penalty in the second half but the French were still searching for a goal and 3 points as regulation end neared.

Bjarnason Makes History For The Land Of Ice

Birkir Bjarnason's goal wasn't a rocket from 30 yards out or a bicycle kick, but it was a goal that was Iceland's first international tournament goal ever. As about 10% of Iceland's population watched from the stands in Saint-Etienne, the "Ice Men" stole a point from a favored Portugal team. A special moment for this country no doubt, but their special moments may just be starting as the team demonstrated how they can perform on a big stage. Being down 1-0 at halftime, they responded just 5 minutes after the break with a historic goal from Birkir Bjarnason.

The Spanish-Language Call Of Tecatito's Goal Is Epic

A great goal deserves a great call, and Jesus "Tecatito" Corona's goal against Venezuela Monday definitely deserved a great call.

Fortunately, a great call was provided by Univision announcer Pablo Ramirez Gomez.

Luka Modric Cannon Propels Croatia By Turkey

Luka Modric is a player that deserves to be talked about. His leadership and play are key for Croatia to operate as a unit. He demonstrated his "magic" Saturday against Turkey when he helped Croatia grab 3 points and jump to the top of group D. After a high Turkey clearance, Luka Modric came springing down the middle to hit a top spinning volley that skipped past the Turkish goalkeeper. A volley we all dream about, exectuted perfectly by Modric. The fans were so excited that they couldn't help but jump in and celebrate on the pitch with the players too...

Chicharito Sends Mexico To The Final 8

Who would have thought Mexico would have had a tougher time with Jamaica than Uruguay? Despite the back and forth match, El Tri netted another 2-0 result against a Jamaican side that didn't take advantage of their opportunities. Chicharitos first goal of the tournament was a beauty, and now the Bundesliga star is just 1 goal away from tying all-time leading Mexican scorer Jared Borgetti. El Tri are now in the quarterfinals and will play Venezuela on Monday.

Relive Zlatan's Acrobatics from the 2012 Euros

Zlatan Ibrahimovic had already planted himself as one of the all time greats, but moments like these showed the world how truly special he was. It is impossible to forget the goal he scored against France in 2012. He sent an acrobatic blast past Hugo Lloris in the 53rd minute which led to mayhem in Kiev. As Sweeden would go on to win the game 2-0, this goal of the tournament would never be forgotten. We are hoping to see epic golazos from the legend in this years Euro Championships!

Victor Ayala Scored The Goal Of The Tournament Thus far

I don't think it's crazy to say that most of the matches in the Copa America have been less than stellar. The Uruguay-Mexico match was probably the most entertaining thus far, but yesterday's Colombia-Paraguay match may have taken that title. After an early 2-0 deficit, the Paraguayans looked like they were going to be run out of the Rose Bowl. Then manager Ramon Diaz made some changes, including bringing on Victor Ayala, and it was game on. The next 45 minutes were an absolute dog fight and then the substitute rocketed home this golazo from 25 yards out. 

Ronaldinho Became A Teenage Sensation After Scoring 23 Goals In A Single Game

It’s the kind of popular legend that is usually attributed to a “friend of a friend” and rooted in invention and fantasy, a cheap tale to explain the otherworldly. When professional football freestyler Billy Wingrove met Ronaldinho as part of Nike’s Joga Bonito advertising campaign, he said: “I’ve got two questions. One, is there a heaven? Two, how did he [Ronaldinho] get this good?”