Adidas Launches Predator 20 Cleats With DEMONSKIN Technology

Adidas promised us something different with the launch of the Predator 20 Mutator boots, and Tuesday’s big unveil certainly qualifies as just that — we’re talking DEMONSKIN technology.

The breakthrough tech is featured on the upper in the form of 406 spikes which work together as a textured layer to enhance grip on the ball and maximize control. This innovative interface between boot and ball also promotes spin, as evidenced here by Bayern Munich's David Alaba.

Adidas Drops New Jerseys For Argentina, Germany, Spain, Belgium And More

Following this November’s upcoming international break (Nov. 14 — 19), we’ll know 20 of the 24 participating nations at UEFA Euro 2020. While the four remaining spots will be decided in late March through the qualifying playoffs, it’s safe to say that we can begin to look forward to next summer’s European Championship in earnest. 

Adidas feels the same way.

Think They’re Excited About Hosting The 2020 Olympics? Japan’s New Jerseys Are Incredible

For a country that’s madly in love with the game, the football tournaments at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics will be sources of exorbitant amounts of pride and pressure for the host nation of Japan. 

The women’s team treated the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup as something of a trial by fire for a squad that featured 14 players aged 23 and under, including young midfield maestro Yui Hasegawa. That side advanced to the Round of 16 before losing to eventual finalist the Netherlands.

World Unites To Celebrate 15-Year Anniversary Of Lionel Messi’s LaLiga Debut

It’s been exactly 15 years to the day since Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini hopped off the bench in the 82nd minute of Barcelona’s 1-0 derby victory over Espanyol to mark his LaLiga debut. The 17-year-old replaced midfield maestro Deco and gave a tantalizing glimpse of what was to come.

What followed, in league play, is currently 453 more appearances, 420 goals, 164 assists and 10 titles. You could say that things have gone well.

Return Of The King: Adidas Is Remaking Its Classic 2006 World Cup F50 Tunit Cleat

There’s no forgetting the original adidas F50 Tunit cleat: its super shiny, seaside color way; its kinda haphazard lace cover that was stuck firm with velcro. This was the boot that adidas went all in on for the 2006 World Cup in Germany, and the commercial that aired constantly on ABC, ESPN and ESPN2 is still up there with the best.

Although I’m not sure what that kid was thinking taking Djibril Cissé with the No. 1 pick in the draft.  

What If This Season’s Jersey Ads Were All SoundCloud Groups?

In today’s world of inundating social media feeds, labyrinthine methods of escapism and banging SoundCloud profiles, it’s not enough to throw a jersey on your club’s star player and expect to move units. You gotta get all the world’s most innovative brand specialists together and hit the people with something so profound that it’d seduce your dad quicker than Billie Eilish working the register at a Bass Pro Shop.

Like Blue? The Adidas Input Code Pack Is For You

Did the start of the new season catch you off guard? Did you find yourself out on the pitch last weekend without any shoes on? We’ve all been there. Not to worry, the adidas Input Code pack was launched on Tuesday, and you’re going to look resplendent in these, like a Christmas ham.

First up is the Predator, which is blue and solid goooold. Look at the chrome soleplate; you could bring that into Gringotts Wizarding Bank and be treated like royalty by all the goblin tellers.

Rival Reviews: A Real Madrid Superfan Reviews A Barcelona Jersey

Real Madrid fans are unique. As supporters of the most successful club in the history of Europe — if not the world — they look down on all others, especially that pesky club from Catalonia.

The only club that can really challenge Los Blancos’ superiority in Spain is, of course, Barcelona, so the rivalry is understandable intense. No other team brings out the best (or worst) in Real.

In Felipe’s case, it was the worst.

Rival Reviews: We Made This Barcelona Superfan Review A Sergio Ramos Jersey

El Clasico is a match like no other. The passion, love and hate between Real Madrid and Barcelona fans is unrivaled and the two clubs define Spanish football.

But what if a Barcelona fan had to say something nice about Real Madrid? Could he do it?

That was the task assigned to Will for our latest edition of Rival Reviews with World Soccer Shop.

Bring Mo Salah To Life With This Amazing Augmented Reality Experience From adidas

“Mo Salah! Mo Salah! Mo Salah! Running down the wing, Salah la-la-la la-ahh; The Egyptian king!”

Or better yet: He’s running down your screen.

Mohamed Salah, one of world soccer’s most exciting players, is as prolific as he is fast. He darts down the wing, cuts inside and scores before most players can tie their shoes.

Now his speed is making the leap to augmented reality, almost literally jumping off your screen to show off his secret weapon: the adidas X.