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Mario Balotelli Posts Most Epic Troll Video For Brother Featuring Neymar, Falcao, Boateng

When Enock couldn’t admit he lost to his brother in FIFA, Mario asked a few friends to set him straight.

Mario Balotelli is either the greatest brother or the worst brother of all time. The Nice striker claims he defeated his brother, Enock Barwuah, a forward for Ciliverghe Mazzano in Italy, in FIFA and Enock will not admit his defeat. So Mario being Mario called in a few friends to make his point.

Neymar, Falcao, Kevin-Prince Boateng and even AC Milan CEO Adriano Galliani, among others, joined in with Mario Balotelli trolling to call Enock a liar and a sore loser. 

Mario’s actions are completely justifiable. A match of FIFA is sacred, especially among brothers. Having never actually lost in FIFA to my brother (I’m lying), I don’t know how Enock feels, but Mario is certainly within his rights to use whatever means necessary to shame his brother for losing. 

Mario Balotelli trolling

Mario Balotelli and his brother Enock Barwuah before Mario destroyed Enock in FIFA. Photo: @Eurosport_UK | Twitter

If I had friends like Neymar, Falcao and KPB growing up, I definitely would have called upon them to embarrass my brother for losing in FIFA. However, my brother no longer has a current-generation PlayStation so my days of destroying him have passed. (If anyone would like to donate a PlayStation 4 so I can humiliate him, hit me up.)

Questions remain about this situation, however. Did they play with even teams? If this was Barcelona vs. Real Madrid as 90 percent of FIFA games are, fair enough. But if Enock was playing as Hoffenheim and Mario was PSG, then gloating of this level is not appropriate. More research must be done.

Neymar and Mario's other buddies should have inquired about this. It's like supporting a political candidate without doing your research. Sure you may think he's in the right, but then the next thing you know the Washington Post has come out with a massive exposé about how your friend secretly likes to play as the World XI while sitting naked in his apartment eating Easy Cheese straight from the can. And no one should support that. 

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