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Justin Bieber Escapes From His Box And Scares The Hell Out Of David Beckham

Fresh off watching his Inter Miami franchise lose its inaugural match to LAFC at Banc of California Stadium back on March 1, the legend that is David Beckham made an appearance on Ellen to chat about his wife, kids, club ownership and the time he went trick-or-treating at Justin Bieber’s house.

Perhaps avoiding news of slow sales for his upcoming "Changes" tour, the 26-year-old Canadian musician was entombed in a box next to Beckham and Ellen DeGeneres the whole time! 

Upon hearing that Beckham neglected to name his youngest child after him, Justin — who was presumably in the box mumbling “that yummy, yum, that yummy, yummy, yeah, you got that yummy, yum, that yummy, yum, that yummy, yummy” for the previous six minutes — was summoned from his eternal resting place and gave old Golden Balls the fright of his life. 

Later on, Beckham talked about how he’s enjoying his role as part-owner of Inter Miami while also seeing the impact of his time spent in MLS.

“It was just about giving back,” Beckham said. “Yesterday when I was in the stadium for our first game it just really felt that this was the moment that I’d always wanted. I had young kids coming up to me, boys and girls, saying: ‘The reason why we play this game is because you came to America.’ 

“And that’s what I always wanted from coming to America. Obviously I wanted to win championships, but more importantly I wanted to provide something that most places that I’ve played in have — a real kind of legacy and a real opportunity for children to play this great game.”

Beckham also says that his feet have grown since his playing days, going from a size 9 and 3/4 to a size 11. This might sound strange, but Beckham is 44 now, and as we age, the tendons and ligaments that link the bones in our feet lose elasticity. Our feet then become longer and wider, and feet can grow as much as a half size every decade after the age of 40.

Beckham’s just ahead of the curve here, and he’s looking at clown-size feet by the age of 75. 

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