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We Tested EA Sports FIFA 18 And It's Awesome

The18 got an advanced copy of FIFA 18. We know, pretty awesome right? (We had already reviewed the demo, but we all know the demo isn't really the same as the real thing.) This year's game is highly anticipated and we can report that FIFA 18 gameplay could be a breakthrough. From its new features – advanced crossing, dribbling, speed, player personalities, new celebrations and much more – to the insane realism of stadiums and The Journey mode, FIFA 18 is surely the best FIFA yet. Sushant and Daniel reviewed FIFA 18 and will be back with more FIFA 18 content soon.

In the meantime, we highlight key aspects of FIFA 18 gameplay that you'll care about if you're considering making the purchase.


The players are unbelievably responsive. If you go from sprinting to not sprinting, the response is instaneous and you can get around defenders really quickly. If you have a player like Neymar, the ball feels like it is stuck to his foot the entire game. 


The game has unbelievable player detail. It actually captures quirks and personalities.

Two examples are Arjen Robben and Raheem Sterling. The game gets small details right, like the way they run and how they use their arms – which, to be honest, looks a little awkward. But that's just because they look that way in real life. So, FIFA 18 nails the small stuff.

If you are playing with Cristiano Ronaldo, the game also nails his acceleration and gait. 

FIFA 18 Gamplay, Player Personalities

FIFA 18 gameplay is so real, Arjen Robben looks just as awkward as in real life


FIFA 18 Gamplay, Player Personalities

Raheem Sterling, we love you. But what are you doing with your hands?

FIFA 18 Celebrations:

There are plenty of celebrations in the game. Here is a look at some of them:

FIFA 18 Celebrations

Crossing system: 

The new crossing system gives gamers the ability to be very accurate. Far post crosses are absolutely dynamic in this game. FIFA 18 gives you the ability to whip crosses in with a lot of different spin and at different heights.

Stay tuned for all things FIFA 18 from

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