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Argentinian Defender Sent Off 9 Seconds Into Match

What can a person do in nine seconds?

-Ride a bull long enough for points to be awarded.

-Run Mike D'Antoni's offense.

-Quarter-mile drag race if your car is fast enough.

-Watch that one Miller High Life Super Bowl commercial.

-Decide that "The Chainsmokers" are awful.

-Make a decision that will have UNSEEN REPERCUSSIONS affecting THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.


-These repercussions may be good or bad, there is no way to tell at this moment, you just have to choose.

-Say a mysterious stranger asks you to watch over a briefcase with the promise of a reward later, what then?

-What do you say?

-What if the briefcase is a bomb and it blows you up?

-Alternatively, what if the briefcase has important papers being sought by an international terrorist syndicate and you, a civilian who has never even fired a gun, are thrust into a TANGLED WEB OF INTRIGUE with consequences reaching FAR BEYOND EVEN LIFE AND DEATH?

-Or what if it's a hidden camera thing to see how trustworthy strangers are, and you end up looking like a nice person on TV and get a little something for your trouble?

-What if it's a different kind of test, posited by a mysterious billionaire looking for someone to entrust his fortune to, who will use his money for GOOD and not EVIL. You are now wealthy beyond your wildest dreams. You eat, drink, sleep and even dream in luxury. Beautiful members of the opposite sex give you unrelenting attention. Everyone says nice things about you because you are a philanthropist. You will never have to worry about anything ever again, although you will kind of miss worrying, in a weird way.

-Do you watch the briefcase?

-Or do you bolt without looking back?

-You have nine seconds to decide.

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