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Zlatan Ibrahimovic Applied For A US Visa, MLS Next?

Try and contain yourselves, people. The moment we've all been waiting for might finally be upon us. Apparently, on March 19 Zlatan Ibrahimovic was spotted at the US embassy, and according to a Swedish newspaper he was applying for a long-term non-tourist visa. 

You know what this means: after his contract expires in 2016 Zlatan is going to move to the United States and wreak holy havoc upon the MLS. 

Zlatan has said that he's open to finishing his career in the US, especially in light of how successful Thierry Henry, a close friend of Zlatan's, was for the New York Red Bulls. 

Seriously though how great would this be for the MLS? Zlatan is the best striker in the world not named Ronaldo or Messi, and even though he's 33 he's been putting up great numbers for PSG lately. 

The MLS has really needed an in-his-prime superstar to cement it as a league that's actually worth something. Zlatan, though he will be older than what's normally considered "prime" years, should still have enough left in the tank to turn some heads, even if his production dips a little next year. 

And can you imagine what Zlatan would do to the MLS? The MLS record for goals in a season is 27. You can kiss that goodbye.  

Please let this happen. We think Zlatan's hilarious now. Just wait 'til he gets to the Land of the Free.

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