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Zinedine Zidane Doesn’t Deal In Conspiracy Theories

With the approach of El Clasico everything must go under the microscope. The designated referee for the match, Carlos Clos Gomez, has not been left unturned in that regard. According to some, Clos Gomez exhibits a distinctly pro-Barcelona flair, and they’ve got the statistics to prove it.

Clos Gomez has officiated 20 Barcelona games, resulting in 17 Barca victories, three draws and zero defeats. In those matches he’s awarded Barca four penalties and their opposition only two. He’s also never sent off a Barcelona player and that includes Javier Mascherano.

Conversely, Clos Gomez has officiated 27 Real Madrid matches, limiting them to only 18 victories. They’ve not been shown a straight red in those matches, and they’ve been awarded five penalties for and none against, but we all know conspiracy theories are a matter of faith rather than proof, so that last bit doesn’t matter.

However, Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane has responded to the above claims with a rational approach, demonstrating once again that he's the human embodiment of the sublime. Also, he probably believes that anyone who uses the term sheeple should be sent to live in Marianas Trench.

“I do not believe in claims that any referee favors one club or another. I just think it will be a great game, with the referee doing his best,” said Zidane at a press conference. “I am not interested in such conspiracy theories. I am not worried. I only want to think about the match. The people want to see a great game on Saturday with a great referee who wants to do things well.”

Life is chaos, football a moderately more organized form of that disorder. Zidane has earned a record-breaking 86 points in his first 33 games not by utilizing the “Enemy Outside” methods of conspiracy-theorist-in-chief Jose Mourinho but by embracing the madness that is Real Madrid CF.

(H/T: FourFourTwo

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