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If You’re Wondering Why The USA Is Playing Grenada, Let Us Remind You Of The Nations League

Die-hard United States men’s national team fans will know the answer to the question of why is the USA playing Grenada. If you’re not as much of a super fan, then let us explain why the U.S. went from playing teams like Morocco and Uruguay to lowly Grenada.

Why Is The USA Playing Grenada?

After playing two friendly games against Morocco and Uruguay, the USMNT now has two Concacaf Nations League games to play. The first game will be in Austin, Texas, against Grenada on Friday, June 10.

Remember that super fun U.S. vs. Mexico game in Denver last June? That was the Nations League final and the USMNT had to play five games before making it to that final.

In the last edition of the Nations League, the U.S. was in a group with Canada and Cuba. This year the U.S. has the honor of playing El Salvador and Grenada. Both of these teams were playing in the second tier (League B) of the Nations League last time but earned promotion after topping their respective groups. 

Grenada Concacaf Nations League 2020 Results

El Salvador Concacaf Nations League Results

Also the fact that El Salvador lost to one of these teams is unreal.

Is Grenada Good?

The island nation of Grenada has roughly the same population (112,519) as Tyler, Texas. Ranked 170th in the world, Grenada poses almost no threat to the U.S. Perhaps the bigger threat is that Grenada is a physical team and there's always the possibility of a key USMNT player getting injured.

When the schedule was released and it was revealed that the U.S. had to play Grenada and El Salvador, there was a decent amount of frustration that this was a waste of World Cup preparation time.

In fairness to Grenada the minnows were minutes away from a historic victory vs. El Salvador on Tuesday before conceding in the 88th minute to tie 2-2.

Who Is Grenada’s Best Player?

The majority of Grenada’s players play their club ball in the lower tiers of England and the USL Championship. The best player for Grenada is a guy by the name of Jamal Charles. The 26-year-old scored against El Salvador and has 14 goals for the national team.

Charles plays for Real Sociedad… in Honduras, not the one in Spain. If anyone is going to cause problems for the U.S. defense, there’s a good chance it will be this guy.

USA vs. Grenada Score Prediction

USA 6 Grenada 0

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