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What Is Happening With Marc Cucurella?

What started off as a semi-normal transfer war between Chelsea and Barcelona has gone viral. Fabrizio Romano tweeted out confirmation that Brighton left-back Marc Cucurella agreed to join Chelsea, but Brighton tweeted that the claim is completely false. So which one is it? Is Romano wrong for the first time ever, or is he so good at his job that he knows a transfer is happening before the club even does?

After tweeting out updates over the past few weeks, Romano finally posted a clear message Wednesday saying the transfer was done and announcements were imminent. An hour or so later, Brighton responded with a tweet of its own, saying “no agreement has been reached with any club to sell Marc Cucurella.”

At the same time, an eerily similar situation occurred in the Formula 1 world as French team Alpine tweeted out confirmation that its reserve driver, Oscar Piastri, would be driving for the team next season. 10 hours later, Piastri responded by shutting this down, saying “I will not be driving for Alpine next year.” 

So what is the truth? It seems that Brighton managed to attract a decent amount of attention giving them more bargaining power against Chelsea. They signed Levi Colwill on loan in addition to a reported $75 million transfer fee for the Spanish left-back.

Once again, Fabrizio Romano remains undefeated. How does he do it? How does he beat a club to its own punch? It seems we will never know the tricks of the trade but he certainly seems to enjoy proving people wrong on Twitter.

Never change Fabrizio.

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