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Watch This Freestyler Turn Man City’s Youngsters Into A Bunch Of Screaming Kids In Two Seconds.

Literally two seconds into this video, you get hooked. One guy nutmegs Man City, and it is amazing.  

So, clarifying, that was Dutch professional freestyler Soufiane Touzani nutmegging what might as well have been Manchester City’s entire youth academy. I wasn’t exaggerating when I said it took only two seconds to become completely engrossed in the video. I mean, come on, that first kid is literally standing with his heels locked together, hoping around like a pogo stick, and the first move he makes to try and take the ball away leads to him getting nutmegged. And then there’s the reaction of his teammates, the glorious, “OH MY GOD HE JUST ENDED YOUR LIFE!” reaction of his teammates. 

Honestly I could just watch that initial 3 seconds over and over, but of course I watched the rest, because I wanted to see other teenagers get their life ended to the soundtrack of their teammates cackles, screams, and freak outs. 

Just look at this picture.

guy nutmegs man city and takes kid's pride

It says all you need to know about why this video is amazing. These kids absolutely love for soccer. They take it more seriously than anything in their entire lives, but they are still kids. Seeing that guy struggle to recoup his pride as all of his friends laugh and scream at what just happened to him is hilarious. 

And then there’s that kid at the end of the video recording his buddy who’s life also just got ended. He’s just following him around saying, “Go home. Go home. Go home.”

It simply doesn’t get any better than the kids in this video. And then you have the mind-blowing skills of Touzani as well? 

Game over. 

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