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Assjack Coach Headbutts Assistant Referee, Doubles Down On Misogyny

Rafael Soriano has entered the Douchebag Hall Of Fame for assaulting a referee then claiming the ref was milking it “because she’s a woman.” The Desportiva Ferrovíaria coach was red carded then fired after the match.

Soriano came onto the pitch to argue a call at the start of halftime during a fifth-tier Campeonato Capixava match against Nova Venecia on Sunday in Espirito Santo, Brazil. He left as a reviled asshole, headbutting assistant referee Marcielly Netto in the nose. 

Coach Headbutts Referee

Yeah, you don’t attack a referee, ever. Or anyone, for that matter. Humans who resort to violence for any reason don’t deserve to be involved with soccer (or society). 

Soriano shouldn’t have been on the pitch to begin with, but it’s hard to tell entitled men they don’t belong somewhere. After being shown a yellow card, he pushed away one assistant referee to attack the other. Fortunately, Netto didn’t suffer any serious injuries.

After the match, Soriano tried to claim he didn’t assault Netto, who he said was “taking advantage of the situation because she’s a woman.” Personally, I think Soriano is being a piece of shit because he’s a man. 

Local and national soccer authorities in Brazil are now investigating the assault.

If there is any justice in the world, Soriano will never be allowed to coach soccer again, or at least not without some penitence and a harsh punishment. Unfortunately, there are already folks on the internet trying to blame the assistant referee for being assaulted; those sad, little men can join Soriano in leaving the beautiful game and never coming back.

Desportiva Ferrovíaria lost the match 3-1 and apologized to Netto after the game.

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