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Villarreal’s First Half Dream Was Immediately Followed By Second Half Goalkeeping Nightmare

After 45 enthralling minutes of Champions League semifinal action on Tuesday, Villarreal was leading Liverpool 2-0 and had tied the aggregate at 2-2. Was the little yellow submarine going to sink the gigantic Liverpool battleship?

A second half goalkeeping nightmare from Villarreal goalkeeper Gerónimo Rulli ended those dreams as Liverpool scored three to win 3-2 on the night and 5-2 on aggregate.

Before we watch the second half sinking of the submarine, let’s revisit that magical first half. Unai Emery couldn’t have dreamed of a better start to the game. Villarreal managed a single shot in the first leg a week ago with none on target. It only took them three minutes to score on Tuesday.

Villarreal was all over Liverpool in the first half. The Reds only managed three touches of the ball in Villarreal’s box. Liverpool was frustrated, sloppy and flat. Villarreal was pesky, electric and pushing Liverpool to its breaking point. In the 41st minute the Spanish comeback was completed.

Villarreal had landed the sucker punches of all sucker punches right on the jaw of the red giants and Jürgen Klopp. That punch woke the giant up however, and Villarreal goalkeeper Rulli became the victim.

Liverpool deserves plenty of credit for creating the goalscoring opportunities, but all three second half goals can be chalked up to Rulli. The 29-year-old goalkeeper saw two go between his legs and lord only knows what he was thinking on the third goal.

Villarreal Goalkeeper vs Liverpool Highlights

The first goal Liverpool scored came from a Fabinho strike. Sure, the shot had plenty of power, but this was a cheap one to give away by Rulli. Right between the ol' wickets.

Liverpool’s second goal from Luis Diaz was the most understandable of the three conceded goals. A header from point blank is never easy to save. Unfortunately, the ball once again went between Rulli’s legs.

I have no words for Liverpool’s third goal. All we can do is watch and wonder.

The internet isn’t a friendly place, and it had a field day teasing the Villarreal goalkeeper.

Liverpool advance to the 10th UEFA Champions League final in its history and will face the winner of Manchester City and Real Madrid in Paris, France, on May 28.

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