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This Video Combines Messi, Ronaldo, Zidane And Others To Create The Perfect Player

This video answers the age old question: if you had to create the perfect player, how would you do it?

What if you could take the best players in the world and choose the best parts of their game to bring together?

Would this "super player" finish like Messi? Dribble like Ronaldinho? Pass like Xavi?

As soccer fans, this is one of those questions that can fuel countless hours of discussion between games of FIFA, or until the wee hours of the night at our local sports bar. 

It seems, then, we owe a debt of gratitude to YouTube user HeilRJ for hashing out this debate for us, and putting together a video that makes as convincing an argument that we here at The18 have ever seen for how to create the perfect player.


Come'on, admit it, as soon as you saw how insanely smooth Zidane’s ball control was, you couldn’t help but watch another 5 minutes of the video. We feel like we should advise you to turn that extra 5 minutes into an extra 15, because the video is that fun to watch.

No, we had never heard of “ball conduction” or “impulsion power” before, either, but we aren’t exactly complaining that we had to watch footage of Maradona and Cristiano Ronaldo, are we?

The one gripe we have with this video is Arjen Robben representing the “Speed” characteristic instead of Theo Walcott, but, hey, we didn’t make the video.

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