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U.S. Women finish TST with 3 losses, 1 goal scored and a negative 23 goal difference

The U.S. Women’s time at The Soccer Tournament (TST) wrapped up on Friday as they were defeated 7-1 by Como 1907 in their final group stage game.

Mia Hamm coached the team filled with household names, World Cup winners and Olympic gold medalists.

Como 1907, who play professionally in the second tier of Italy, brought in a squad of players trying to break into the club’s first team for the 7-on-7 tournament. They also brought the captain of their women’s team Giulia Pozzoli and had Cesc Fabregas as head coach.

The U.S. Women arguably had the biggest fanbase at the tournament held in Cary, North Carolina. While the results didn’t go their way, they brought a great energy to the event and will be fondly remembered.

Their first game against Say Word FC, a team of youngsters with college and low-level pro experience, ended 5-0 in favor of Say Word. The recap for the game can be found here.

The U.S. Women played two games on Thursday with their night game against the Wrexham Red Dragons. That one finished 12-0 in favor of the Welsh side.

US Women vs Como highlights TST

Only some of the highlights have been posted online. You can view the full game here and I have added timestamps for each of the highlights in parentheses.

Friday’s game against Como followed a similar theme to the first two games as the Italian side took the lead early in the fourth minute. The U.S. Women had a corner kick, but then Como proved too deadly on the counterattack. (10:30)

Three minutes later Como’s Marco Tremolada scored with a shot from the top of the box. He’s scored in all three of their games at TST so far. (13:37)

In the 12th minute Edoardo Duchini smashed it in from close range to make it 3-0. (18:37)

Como made it four just a minute later with some beautiful passing that led to the goal. (20:20)

After the halftime break Como took their foot off the gas a bit as they tried to tee up Giulia Pozzoli for a goal several times, however the closest she came was hitting the post. (40:45)

U.S. Women’s goalkeeper Lindsey Harris was still kept busy as she made several impressive saves including two off the line. (40:45)

Harris was the best player in the tournament for the U.S. Women as she made 48 saves in the first two games alone. She finished TST with over 60 stops.

The U.S. Women came agonizingly close to scoring in the 38th minute when they hit the post and had a follow-up effort brilliantly saved. (50:45)

With the clock ticking closer toward the end of the 20-minute second half it looked like the U.S. Women would finish the tournament as the only team not to score a goal. Then Joanna Lohman struck in the 39th minute to the delight of everyone in attendance.

Como would score once more before the end of the second half. (53:30)

One of Harris’ few mistakes all tournament ended the game in Target Score Time as she was caught in possession in front of her goal. (1:00:47)

While the U.S. Women finished winless, I think it can be argued that they weren’t the most disappointing team at the tournament. For a group of players who have almost all retired and haven’t played together, they put on a good show.

It was nothing but love between Como and the U.S. Women after the game.

Borussia Dortmund can claim the most disappointing team award as they also finished winless and with a negative 17 goal difference. 

Como 1907 and Wrexham advance from the group and will play in the knockout stages Friday night.

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