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Union Omaha Goalkeeper Scores From His Own Box!

History has been made in USL League One. Just 26 seconds into their match against North Carolina FC, Union Omaha goalkeeper Kevin Piedrahita scored off a punt from his own box.

After collecting a long ball from the opening kickoff, Piedrahita sent the ball back downfield but never could have expected what came next. With intense wind and the short dimensions of Werner Park in Omaha, the ball dropped behind the defense and bounced, catching out North Carolina’s 16-year-old keeper Nick Holliday. The ball bounced over his head and into the back of his net.

Piedrahita’s goal marks the first time a goal has been scored by a goalkeeper in USL League One history. Omaha went ahead early and kept the lead throughout, winning 4-1 in a comprehensive display at home.

After the strong start, Omaha scored a second, but this time in a more traditional fashion. In the 6th minute, Corey Hertzog fired home from just outside the box to double the Owls' advantage.

24-year-old Noe Meza gave Omaha a third before the 20-minute-mark, with another spectacular goal. He controlled a long ball over the top and showed his class by gracefully chipping the keeper. 

Meza wasn’t finished as he bagged a second of his own, bookended by two North Carolina red cards.

Down to nine men and trailing 4-0, North Carolina refused to settle and managed to get a consolation goal in the dying moments, thanks to Garrett McLaughlin. Even with the late goal, it's safe to say Piedrahita will never forget today.

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