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Disgraceful Fenerbahçe Fans Chant ‘Vladimir Putin’ At Ukrainian Players After Conceding A Goal

Dynamo Kyiv defeated Turkish side Fenerbahçe 2-1 on Wednesday to advance to the third round of qualifying for the UEFA Champions League. What should have been a joyous moment for the Ukraine club was marred by Fenerbahçe fans chanting “Vladimir Putin” at the Dynamo Kyiv players.

Wednesday’s game was an intense contest that saw a Fenerbahçe player sent off in the 53rd minute and then a game-winning goal for Dynamo Kyiv in the 114th minute. The Putin chants came in the 57th minute after Ukrainian midfielder Vitaliy Buyalskyi scored the game’s opening goal.

Fenerbahce Fans Chant Vladimir Putin At Dynamo Kyiv

The Fenerbahçe fans did this in response to Buyalskyi’s celebration after his goal where it appears he was making some sort of gesture toward the home fans.

I don’t particularly care what gesture was made toward the fans, chanting the name of the man responsible for the killing and destruction of a player’s country and countless other lives is unacceptable. Karma worked its wonders, and thankfully Fenerbahçe is out of the Champions League.

The fans don’t have to love and adore their opponents. Call him an a-hole, flip him off or do literally anything else but insult the losses Ukraine is suffering. Truly despicable behavior from the fans.

Fenerbahçe has responded to the incident claiming it was a small group responsible for the chants and condemned the actions of those fans.

"Whatever the reason may be, we as the Fenerbahce Sport Club absolutely reject the reaction coming from parts of our stands," the club said, adding it was unfair to put blame on all its fans or the club for an act that "never represents our values."

Fenerbahçe's statement did rub some people the wrong way, as critics of the statement said the club is trying to play the victim in the situation.

UEFA has launched a disciplinary investigation into the incident and said an “Ethics and Disciplinary Inspector will conduct a disciplinary investigation regarding alleged misbehavior of Fenerbahçe supporters."

Dynamo Kyiv vs. Fenerbahçe Full Highlights

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