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Trouble In Paradise: Altidore Out Of Gold Cup

A draw against Panama has pushed USA coach Jurgen Klinsmann to revise his current roster in the Gold Cup and bring in players who he believes is best fit for the job. Jozy Altidore, Greg Garza, and Alfredo Morales have been exchanged for DaMarcus Beasley, Joe Corona, and Alan Gordon. 

After debating his retirement from the national team when the US were knocked out of the 2014 World Cup, Beasley has offered Klinsmann his veteran experience for one last time. The men’s national team have secured a spot in the elimination round of the Gold Cup and are looking to defend the 2013 title for back-to-back wins.

Roster Change

The latest adjustments to the USMNT. Photo:@VAVEL_USA | Twitter  

Jozy Altidore’s name is probably one of the most surprising to see on the list, as he is typically one of Klinsmann’s favorites to start as a striker alongside Dempsey. However, his performance in the group stage has been far below par, only getting two shots off all three games. Aron Johannsson’s work rate has caught the eye of the coach and he has ultimately been rewarded for it by continuing the tour around America. 

Jozy Altidore facing his Second home of Haiti

Altidore has close connections with Haiti who the USA faced in the second round. Photo: @GoldCup | Twitter

In a Q&A with Jurgen Klinsmann, the coach said, “we believe that Jozy’s just not there yet. Jozy never really got into this tournament and never really picked up rhythm. He’s just simply not in the shape right now to help us.” 

Klinsmann said he thinks Jozy can get back into form with his club team, Toronto FC. He also praised Beasley for his leadership qualities.

“Having DaMarcus come into the team is huge, because of his character, his giving nature, the spirit he brings us, but also the high quality he brings. He brings a lot of experience into this group, and he’s hungry.” 

The next match for the USA is still to be determined as the final group stage matches are being played out until July 15. No matter who is drawn for the USA to play first, it will be a tough match. The Yanks have yet to assert a dominance in the competition or play like title defenders. Despite winning the first two matches, the opposition has been right on their heels. 

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