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The Award For 'Best Title Celebrations Ever' Goes To Turkey's Trabzonspor

Since the Süper Lig's inception in 1959, only two clubs outside Istanbul have ever won the title. Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe, Beşiktaş and İstanbul Başakşehir have combined for 58.

It makes sense when you consider Istanbul's standing as the most populated of Turkey's 81 provinces, and the most populous European city, at 15,519,267 — almost three times more than Turkey's capital city and second-most populated Ankara.

Bursaspor, out of the fourth-most populated province of Bursa, most recently disrupted the Istanbul hegemony in 2009-10 with its first and only to date. But it's Trabzonspor, out of the 27th largest province of Trabzon, that's most frequently challenged the Istanbul clubs with seven Süper Lig titles. 

However, until clinching the 2022 crown on April 30 with a 2-2 draw against Antalyaspor, Trabzonspor hadn't captured the title since 1984. 

The capacity crowd at the 40,782-seat Medical Park Stadyumu immediately poured onto the pitch to celebrate with its heroes, including captain Uğurcan Çakır, a rising star at goalkeeper, Danish striker Andreas Cornelius, who scored 15 goals this campaign, and 34-year-old midfield veteran Marek Hamšík, who joined the club last summer.

The scenes in Trabzon, a beautifully historic port city on the Black Sea coast in the northeast of Turkey, were pure ecstasy and elation after the 38-year wait.     

 You know that scene in The Matrix Reloaded when all the machines are about to enter Zion and murder everyone, so the citizens decide to have a massive rave? This is the closest humanity has ever come to recreating that scene.  

The celebrations went as far as the Netherlands, where police officers joined in. 

Here's some more Hamšík content. After going so close to a league title during his 12 years with Napoli (finishing Serie A runner-up four times), this must've felt particularly good for the eight-time Slovak Footballer of the Year.  

Bayern Munich has to go to Ibiza to party like this. Trabzonspor just has to step out the back door.

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