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Steven Gerrard Is Headed For A Reunion, But Where?

When we last checked in with Steven Gerrard, he was a mediocre-but-not-great MLS player, which is to say there was no way in hell the LA Galaxy were going to pay him gobs of money to stick around for another season. Whether the decision was mutual or on Stevie's side or the Galaxy's, Gerrard will be elsewhere after his contract ends in December.

Gerrard has reportedly said he wants to keep playing for a bit, but he also said in his autobiography that Costa Rica is an island, so anything's on the table here.

We think he's headed for a reunion of sorts. The only question is where. 


Brendan Rodgers has already brought one aging former Liverpool player to his new club, and bringing another one in isn't out of the question. Stevie G loves Brendan and Brendan loves Stevie G. As Rodgers has experience inventing tactics that allow Gerrard to not have to run, this is clearly Gerrard's best option if he wants to keep playing (unless he opts for another big payday in China or Qatar). 



Gerrard won the Champions League with Rafa Benitez, and some people think he could join the Spaniard again in pursuit of the Championship. Maybe he'll want to play with Jonjo Shelvey again. We don't know.


Gerrard is reportedly in talks for a coaching role at Anfield, where (and it pains me to say this) Liverpool are much better off without Stevie G the player. Gerrard has always maintained he wants to coach when he's done playing, and he has also always maintained he wants to return to Liverpool someday. That someday could be soon.

Sky Sports

Another way for Gerrard to cash in, if he doesn't want to play in China or Qatar, would be to joing his buddy Jamie Carragher at Sky Sports so they can ramble on about Liverpool while Gary Neville tries to get a word in edgewise. He has already been doing a bit of this for BT Sport during his MLS tenure, and it would be a pretty easy transition.

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