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Spanish Fan Attacks Female Referee With His...Well, It's Bad.

The European lower leagues are full of drunken lunatics, a phenomenon that was on display recently in an incident between a fan who ran on the field and an assistant referee who happened to be a woman. We'll just come out and say it: a fan in Spain ran onto the pitch during a game between CD Abes and Gabia CF and attempted to slap a female assistant referee with his penis.

According to Spanish media outlet Marca, the head referee wrote in his match report that the man "invaded the pitch and approached assistant number one and tried to hit her with his penis, which he had pulled out beforehand." 

Reportedly, the perpetrator has been identified as a member (ha!) of a rival team. I'm enjoying the thought of him having to go door-to-door to introduce himself whenever he moves in the future.

Good lord. As if soccer wasn't considered sexist already. Can't we at least enjoy a soccer game without something to remind us that men are largely sexist pigs? Evidently not. I will now light myself on fire.

If there are any young men reading this and feel that to do this would be funny/a good idea, it is not either of those. If you do get the urge to do something like this, just think of your mother. That should clear some things up.

Sometimes I find myself wondering why some women hate men with the fiery white-hot passion of 1,000 suns, and then something like this happens and I remember, "Oh, that's right, we're scum. I forgot."

Now that we've established that everything is awful, here's a Vine to brighten your day.

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