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Should Club America Fans Support Chivas In The CCL Final?

The Chivas vs Toronto CONCACAF Champions League final has divided soccer aficionados in Mexico. Of course every Guadalajara fan is all in for their team, and even some other Mexican soccer enthusiasts have expressed their solidarity with them.

However, not everyone in Mexico is longing for a Chivas victory.

Consider, for a second, how Club America lost to Toronto FC in the semifinals. For Las Águilas, victory would have meant facing their biggest rivals in the final of an international tournament.

Chivas vs Toronto

Las Águilas were outplayed by Toronto in the Champions League semifinals. Photo: @tdn_twit | Twitter

Sadly for them, this was not the case. Toronto deservedly advanced to the final after beating not only Club America but also Liga MX champions Tigres in the quarterfinals. With all that said, it's easy to see how MLS fans should be rooting for Toronto. 

The Canadian team has granted MLS the chance to finally show that the gap between MLS and Liga MX teams has been bridged.

However, not every soccer fan in Mexico rallies behind Chivas.

The question is: should they?

Guadalajara is one of the most popular and most beloved teams in Mexico. Having won 12 league titles, Chivas are tied with Club América as Liga MX's most successful club.

Nevertheless, Club America's international success has been far greater than that of Chivas.

Chivas vs Toronto

Chivas and Club América share a fierce rivalry in Liga MX. Photo: @Robyks10 | Twitter

Las Águilas are undisputedly the most successful team in CONCACAF Champions League history with 7 titles.

Chivas, on the other hand, has only won the competition once.

Considering the intense rivalry these teams share, is it expected that Club America fans will support Chivas solely on the ground of being a Mexican team?

I hardly think so.

I recently heard Univision Deportes commentators discussing the matter. When asked about it, Argentinean Diego Balado — a San Lorenzo fan — said given the case, he would want any Brazilian team to destroy Boca Juniors in the Copa Libertadores.

On the contrary, Chivas forward Alan Pulido — who scored the winning goal for Guadalajara in the first leg of the final — expressed his desire that all Mexican fans forget their differences and support Chivas on the international stage.

I guess the question is similar to whether American fans should cheer for Mexico at the World Cup? Is our vicinity enough to forget our rivalry? Sometimes the fiercest rivalries are with your neighbors. 

Should Mexican soccer fans rally for Chivas because they are a Mexican team? Or do we actually have the World Cup to cheer for Mexico all together?

Either way, whoever wins this Champions League final will make a statement in both Liga MX and MLS.

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