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A Shot Deflected 10 Feet In Front Of The Keeper. He Somehow Kept It Out.

When you think of a world-class save, you don't really think of Brentford. Actually, when you think of world class anything, you don't think of Brentford. 

Yet in a match against Preston North End, Brentford keeper David Button pulled off a world class save that any top-level keeper would have been proud of. 

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As the ball gets shot in, it gets redirected back towards Button at an incredible speed. It was at that point that the 26-year-old Englishman decided to do his best impression of David De Gea, and pulled off a world class save. For that, Button gives credit to his goalkeeping coach, via Brentford FC's official site.

“We have a good laugh in training,” said David. “He’s been a good mentor for me, someone who has really helped me develop over the last couple of seasons. His laidback style of coaching suits me and we are training with a smile on our faces, which helps coming into work every day and makes you want to put in that little bit more effort." 

Brentford went on to win 3-1, and currently sit 10th in the English Championship, with only an outside shot at promotion to the Premier League. The Championship simply can't handle saves of that magnitude! Come on Premier League teams, who wants to take a chance on the lad? Liverpool? Aston Villa? We're looking at you. 

Watch out lads. Button is coming for you. Photos: @SoccerDigestNet, @JaneBeer2, @PlayerOfTheWk | Twitter

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