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Shocking Revelations Mean Sam Allardyce Could Be Nearing The End As England Coach

Sam Allardyce’s managerial record with the England National Team stands at a perfect 100 percent, and it may well end that way. A series of discussions with undercover investigative reporters from the English newspaper The Telegraph posing as Far East businessmen has shaken Allardyce’s position to the core. It remains to be seen whether the Football Association, England’s governing body, deem Allardyce’s role as untenable.

Among the revelations that The Telegraph has disclosed includes Allardyce instructing the reporters on how to circumnavigate FA rules regarding third-party ownership (the ownership of a player’s economic rights by sources such as agents or sports agencies), with Allardyce slamming the rules of his employers as “ridiculous”.

The controversy easily leads to a conflict of interest surrounding Allardyce and his role as England manager. The other remarks from Hodgson don’t fall into The Telegraph’s investigation into bribery and corruption, they only serve to highlight his tendency for brash remarks.


Allardyce referred to Roy Hodgson, his predecessor in the role, as “Woy”, poking fun of his speech impediment. 

Speaking about England’s defeat to Iceland at Euro 2016, Allardyce was particularly incensed at the behavior of assistant manager Gary Neville.

“They were arguing for 10 minutes about bringing him [Marcus Rashford] on, him and Gary Neville. So Gary was the wrong influence for him. F***ing tell Gary to sit down and shut up, you do what you want. You’re the manager, you do what you want, not what anyone else wants.”

Allardyce also criticized the FA for their rebuilding of Wembley Stadium: “They’re all about making money, aren’t they? You know the FA’s the richest football association in the world?…they stupidly spent £870 million on Wembley, so they are still paying that debt off”. 

Allardyce's two-year England deal is worth £3 million per year.

Finally, Allardyce had this to say about Prince Henry of Wales: “Harry’s a naughty boy. He’s a very naughty boy, very naughty. He shows his bottom and all sorts.”

We’re not sure if that final remark will land him in any hot water, but if Allardyce’s time as England manager as up, that’s probably what it’ll be best remembered by.

(H/T: The Telegraph)

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