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Twitter Goes Ballistic On Sepp Blatter After He Tweets To A Baby Saying FIFA Shouldn’t Sell Out Football

Sepp Blatter is a douchenoggle, I believe we can all agree on this. The former FIFA president oversaw decades of corruption in football’s world governing body before eventually being banned from the sport. But this dude can’t stay out of the limelight, as evidenced by another absurd Sepp Blatter tweet on Thursday.

Blatter became president of FIFA in 1998 and reigned for nearly 20 years as FIFA became bloated with corruption, highlighted by the World Cup votes in 2010, which awarded the 2018 and 2022 World Cups to Russia and Qatar, respectively. He was finally kicked out of football in 2015 for an illegal payment to former UEFA boss Michel Platini and was later accused of sexual assault, because that’s just the type of guy he is.

But the guy just won’t shut up and the latest Sepp Blatter tweet shows so much lack of self-awareness that it’s no surprise Twitter blew up in response to another ignorant comment. 

Most recently, Blatter drew laughs for suggesting Morocco deserves the 2026 World Cup bid over the joint bid from the U.S., Mexico and Canada — a bid that wouldn’t force a country to spend obscene amounts of money it doesn’t have. 

Thursday’s Sepp Blatter tweet focused on another subject: the possibility of FIFA selling rights to two tournaments for $25 billion

First of all, let’s point out the most hilarious part about this tweet: @infantino is not Gianni Infantino, the current FIFA president, who does not have a Twitter handle to my knowledge. The @infantino handle belongs to an American company focused on baby products. 

Now for the actual meat of the Sepp Blatter tweet. The former FIFA boss is excoriating FIFA for possibly selling out football with the aforementioned $25 billion deal. Football, he says, belongs to the people. 

If I had tweeted this out, or Grant Wahl or hell, even Bruce Arena had tweeted this out, the statement would be completely fine. But for Sepp fucking Blatter to tweet it out? He clearly has a memory worse than Graham Poll. How could Sepp forget the many times he sold soccer out to fill the coffers of himself and his many comrades across the world?

Twitter didn’t forget.

Plenty of people — probably upset Americans — vindictively pointed out how Blatter sold the 2022 World Cup to Qatar. 

And others enjoyed the comedy of him tweeting to a baby company.

In the sake of fairness, a couple of respondents supported Blatter, but they were probably Russian bots. 

Overall, we feel Twitter reacted to the Sepp Blatter tweet in the appropriate manner. We just feel bad for the folks running the @infantino Twitter handle having to deal with all this crap in their mentions. 

Also, the cake is a lie.

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