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Ronaldinho Is Reportedly Looking To Play In The MLS Next Season

After several appearances on US soil, it seems Ronaldinho will indeed complete his move to America.

Believe it or not, this time it doesn’t seem to be a joke: Ronaldinho might be headed to the Major League Soccer. 

Rumors have been flying around ever since the legendary midfielder became a free agent, but until now that was all they were: rumors. 

The first bit of solid news on Ronaldinho’s future came in curious fashion, as Brazilian journalist Andre Hernan tweeted that the 2005 Balon d’Or winner wouldn’t be joining Brazilian side Sao Paulo.

“SPFC (Sao Paulo Football Club) made an informal inquiry to Ronaldinho Gaucho about 2017. The player’s staff said that he will be playing in the MLS next year.”

Just like that. 

With people prowling for news about the decision Ronaldinho would make, the truth (we hope it is) came out almost as side news to the fact he won’t be playing in Brazil next year.

Regardless of how it came out, this is big news for the growing MLS. While he might not be the same player he used to be, Ronaldinho’s star power is something unmatched. Of the players who crossed the pond to the US, only Kaka and Thierry Henry even come close to the Global reach Ronaldinho's name has. 

A good gauge of the amount of pull Ronaldinho has as an icon is how earlier in October he was the center of attention of an event that Derek Jeter attended, IN NYC. 

Not many folks can say they upstaged a Yankee in the Big Apple. 

Either way, the New York event somewhat served as a prelude to the news Hernan tweeted, as Ronaldinho touched on the subject of his future during the party.

“Two Brazilian teams and one in the US, but I can’t say which one. I am not in a rush,” the Brazilian told Page Six when he was asked about any offers he received. 

Now the question that remains is: which American team offered him a contract? 

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