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Is The Rock A Secret Liverpool Fan?

Last week, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson posted a picture of himself on Instagram next to Liverpool’s iconic “You’ll Never Walk Alone” sign. Is this an indication that Johnson is a Scouser at heart?

In the post, Johnson references the history of the song, the timing of when it was adopted by Liverpool, and talks about how moving the singing of said song is at Anfield. This is either a sign that the Rock is a true believer, a Liverpudian to his very core, or someone who was listening very intently on a tour of the stadium he just took. Which can it be?

To this correspondent, it is likely the latter, at least for now. As an avid follower of the Rock’s career, both in and out of the wrestling ring, I have never before seen him take a stand as a proud member of the Liverpool fan club. Most likely, he was in town promoting the release of what I imagine will be the greatest motion picture in cinematic history, Furious 7, got a tour and was inspired. Or he was killing time between shots on set with his Furious 7 co-star, Jason Statham, as the British gentleman provided expert analysis about his beloved Nottingham Forest, and Johnson wondered what else was out there.

Perhaps that inspiration will take the shape of him choosing Liverpool when he plays FIFA at Xbox or Playstation media events. I hope that I am wrong, as the sight of the Rock in the Kop wearing a red-and-white scarf, with his gigantic arms around an overweight Scouser, singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” with the masses is an image that would entertain me for weeks.

So is the Rock a Liverpool fan? As we can see, it’s hard to say, but…

Also, as the thread on the photo devolved into a feud between Manchester United and Liverpool supporters utilizing all kinds of clever language to describe each other…whether the Rock is a fan of Liverpool seems to no longer be the main issue for these fans. 

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