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Roberto Carlos' Greatest Moments...The Left Back With A Thunderous Shot

Brazil and Real Madrid legend Roberto Carlos may be coming back to Madrid to help coach at the Academy level. Boasting four Spanish titles, three Champions League trophies and a World Cup, there are few players who know more about Real Madrid and winning than the Brazilian. So if he is appointed, it will surely be a great learning experience for the baby Galacticos. With that in mind, we decided to take a look back down memory lane. Here are some of Roberto Carlos' greatest moments.

5. His Debut at Inter

Carlos announced himself to the world on his debut for Internazionale with a 30-yard free kick, which became quite a common theme, as Carlos developed a reputation for having one of the most powerful strikes in the game (his free kicks have been clocked from 85 to 105 mph). Despite some great performances, Roy Hodgson's Inter would only finish 7th that year. 

4. His First Spanish Title 

Carlos became disillusioned with Inter after the first year, and pushed for a move, at which point Madrid snapped him up. He instantly became the first choice left-back under Fabio Capello and helped Madrid to the title in the 96/97 season. He scored five league goals that season, the best of which was this free kick against Real Betis 

3. That Free Kick Goal: Tournoi de France

Definitely one of Roberto Carlos' greatest moments, even if it was just a friendly tournament. There's not even really much to say about this except maybe....PICK THAT ONE OUT! 

Yep, that was our reaction. Photo: RPMSports18 | Twitter

2. 2002 World Cup Champion

Brazil had managed to make it to the 1998 World Cup final, but they ran into a Zinedine Zidane-inspired French team that has to be one of the greatest national teams ever put together, and on home ground nonetheless.They were determined to put that right in 2002, and put it right they did, sweeping Germany aside with flair. While names like Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Rivaldo took the headlines, it still stands as one of Roberto Carlos' greatest moments. 

1. 2002 Champions League Final

Possibly Roberto Carlos' greatest moment is a goal he set up, rather than one he scored himself. Against Bayer Leverkusen, he made one of his trademark overlapping runs (that we now take for granted but was actually pretty rare in Carlos' day.) before crossing into the center for Zidane. Watching the Frenchman volley this goal is pure art in motion. Madrid ended up winning the game, and Roberto Carlos had helped secure a third Champions League cup for himself.

Honorable mention: It may not be one of Roberto Carlos' greatest moments necessarily, but we can't publish this article without mentioning the "Impossible Goal" against Tenerife. You can watch it 20 times, 40 times, even 100 times, but it doesn't get any easier to comprehend. The good news: we found a video that can explain it scientifically. The bad news: we still can't understand how he did it, 

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