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Referee In Ecuador Gets Punched After Calling A Last Minute Penalty

It has unfortunately become more common seeing referees around the world be assaulted and harassed for doing nothing less than their job. This time, it happened in Ecuador.

In Saturday’s LigaPro game between Macará and Aucas, Héctor Lautaro Chiriboga, Macará’s goalkeeper coach, punched the referee, Álex Cejas, after he went to the VAR and called a penalty for the visitors in the last minute of the game.

Chiriboga confronted him, got the red, pushed him to the ground, got held back, separated and still thought it was a good idea to punch him. Absolutely deplorable.

Referee In Ecuador Punched

This event caused referees in Ecuador to stand against the violence and boycott the rest of match day. Rightfully so.

As expected, Chiriboga was fired from Macará’s coaching staff the morning after.

Chiriboga has apologized publicly to Cejas and admitted he regrets his actions, though without passing up on the opportunity to say the referee had fault as well. Incredible.

This behavior is no surprise coming from the Ecuadorian. 

In 1987, Chiriboga had a similar incident happen but during his time as a professional soccer player.

He had to be held back by three security officers. 

Aside from kicked out of the squad, Chiriboga will likely serve a severe punishment by the EFF (Ecuadorian Football Federation).

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