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Real Madrid's Ticking Time Bomb

At a time when Madrid thought they could win it all this season, they have walked away with nothing and face losing their biggest star in the process. After the club president, Florentino Perez, confirmed the departure of Carlo Ancelotti, heads began to turn questioning him if he made the right decision. On top of that, Perez’s continuous support for Gareth Bale, who has failed to make a big impact for his worth in money, has angered Cristiano Ronaldo even more. 

Just days before Perez confirmed that the Italian manager would no longer be at the club next season, Ronaldo praised his new boss and wished to see him at the Bernabeu again. 

Of course nothing has been confirmed or denied by the Portuguese winger, but with Ancelotti’s exit and Benitez closing in on the new job, it is only a matter of time before we will see Ronaldo come out with his opinion publicly. 

Ronaldo discussing terms for Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo and Florentino Perez negotiating terms. Photo: Real Madrid |

The question that remains is where will he take his talents, and who will fill his place? Bale may hold the world record currently for biggest transfer fee, but if Madrid sells now, Ronaldo will surely break the old record. 

Cristiano Ronaldo is estimated to be worth around 120 million Euros which means only a select few clubs could afford him. PSG are the most financially secure team to pay the money, and even Manchester United could shell out to bring him back to his old club. Manchester City and Barcelona could also pay for his talents, but with his past allegiances, it is very unlikely.  

Marco Reus, Eden Hazard, and Raheem Sterling are the most rumored replacements for Ronaldo. Despite missing the World Cup this summer from injury, Reus would be the best fit to go to Madrid because of his long service at Dortmund and the German squad. Hazard and all of his recent accolades with Chelsea could interest Perez, but with Mourinho’s pricy value on the Belgian, Madrid may end up losing money. Sterling on the other hand has shocked England, and Liverpool for that matter, with his blistering pace and quick rise to fame. His youth, however, could see him on the bench and become a forgotten player like Kaka in years past.

Ronaldo is said to have a buyout clause of over 1 billion dollars. That price alone will make it very difficult for any one club to purchase one of the world’s best from Madrid. It is impossible to tell what will happen over the summer, but with all of the above listed elements piling up, Ronaldo may not wear white again. 

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