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Real Madrid Have 48 Hours To Sign Chicharito

Two weeks ago, this wouldn't have been a conversation. Two weeks ago Javier Hernandez had been afforded just two starts by Carlo Ancelotti all season. Two weeks ago Chicharito was being linked with Premier League also-rans like West Ham.

But a fortnight is a long time in football. With Karim Benzema and Gareth Bale injured, Chicharito has finally had a run of games. He's started in Madrid's last four fixtures in a row and, lo, he's scored four goals and an assist. His La Liga minutes per goal ratio now stands at an astonishing goal every 83 minutes played.

So, have Real Madrid finally realized what an asset Chicharito is? If so, they have just 48 hours to make their loan deal with Hernandez permanent: their first option on the striker - which stands at €20 million - expires at midnight on April 30th. After that, Manchester United are free to do as they please.

Madrid are, according to reports in Marca, keen to extend their option agreement until the end of the year and negotiate a lower fee. Indeed, Ancelotti told the press "a decision will be made on Chicharito at the end of the season."

If the Glazer family had appointed The18 Executive Vice-chairman of Manchester United instead of the hapless Ed Woodward, we'd be telling Real Madrid to stick their extensions and price-cuts up their perfectly tanned posterior. Hernandez is a proven goal-scorer at the highest level of the game: when he starts, he scores.

To the detriment of world football, we're still waiting for a call from Joel and/or Avi, so we'll just print our advice here: DO NOT SELL CHICHARITO. And if you do, for God's sake get a decent price.

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