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This Raheem Sterling Goal Shows He Doesn’t Care What Anybody Thinks

Guys, Raheem Sterling might be a stone cold gangster. 

We always say that soccer can bring the truth out of people. If someone feels bad, or guilty, or if a crowd is really getting to them, then they tend to play bad too. It’s not exactly scientific. It can be quietly frankly wrong, but it just makes a certain kind of sense. If a player screws over a fan base and then proceeds to play poorly, or get injured, we tend to say to ourselves, “Good.” It’s as if some kind of universal balance is being maintained. 

And then here’s Raheem Sterling throwing all of that out the window. Sure he’s just playing in friendlies right now, against Vietnamese players no less (no offense Vietnam, you just aren’t in the same ocean of class as Manchester City) but he’s scoring often, and scoring well.  

According to the logic stated before, someone should only be able to score a goal like that first one after they, I don’t know, buy beer for whole fan clubs, not when they are inspiring tweets like this: 

What that logic doesn’t take into account, however, is if the player in question simply doesn’t give a flying f*** about what anyone thinks about them. And by scoring goals like that I am really starting to believe that Sterling is that kind of player. If he ends up scoring against Liverpool, it wouldn’t surprise me if he ran infront of the Kop a la Adabayor and proceeded to flip the bird for a solid 60 seconds straight. He’s kind of already doing that every time he scores anyways.  

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