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Ungrateful and spoiled PSG fans boo Lionel Messi every time he touches the ball vs. Ajaccio

Paris Saint-Germain fans proved once again why they are the most miserable and spoiled group in all of sports. During PSG’s Ligue 1 game vs. Ajaccio at the Parc des Princes Parisian fans booed Lionel Messi every time the ball was at his feet.

PSG fans booing Messi reminds me of that one spoiled kid who gets upset when their parents buy them a fancy new car but it’s the wrong color.

The loudest of the whistles and jeers came on corner kicks that Messi took. Fans also booed before the game when he was announced in the starting lineup.

PSG fans boo Messi

The worst of the bunch, the PSG Ultras, didn’t even attend the game as they’re too busy pouting in a corner somewhere.

Not all the fans were against Messi as several “Messi” chants were heard during the game.

Why were PSG fans booing?

This wasn’t the first time that the fans have turned on PSG’s players this season. After the club was eliminated by Bayern Munich in the UEFA Champions League Round of 16 the fans put the blame on the likes of Messi and Neymar.

The latest flock of boo-birds come after Messi went on an unauthorized trip to Saudi Arabia and was given a two-week suspension from the club. The Argentine apologized claiming it was a misunderstanding and PSG then lifted the suspension after Messi’s positive attitude.

Still, the PSG fans clearly didn’t accept the apology and let arguably the greatest player in the world hear their displeasure.

Imagine getting the opportunity to see Messi play in person FOR YOUR TEAM and you spend the whole time booing him.

Full transparency, I’m not even a Messi fan. I think he’s an amazing player, but you’re not going to see me worshipping him or kissing his feet. But to boo him when he’s on your own team is disgraceful.

PSG fans will likely see their team win their ninth Ligue 1 title in the last 10 years and yet the “supporters” still boycott their team and boo their stars. I wish I was in the stands at the Parc des Princes on Saturday. I would’ve brought my slurpy straw to suck up all those PSG losers’ succulent tears.

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