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Pele And Coutinho May Be Legends. But They Stink At FIFA.

A persons FIFA skills can be a sensitive topic. Most people believe that they are untouchable when gaming on "the sticks." And most FIFA gamers can vouch that there has been a time where a game of FIFA not only resulted in an argument, but a full fledged bitterness towards the person you’re playing. Or even a broken TV.

Not for Brazilian greats Pele and Coutinho though. The two former playing partners, who are 74 and 71 years old respectively, are completely clueless when playing FIFA 2015 against one another, and it is hilarious. It tough to get a full understanding because the two are speaking in Portuguese, but their gameplay is enough comic relief for us. Let's watch the video and then go through some of the highlights:


0:30- An explanation of which button does what. Both legends look at the controller like it is a foreign object. 

1:17- The game starts. No one moves. Pele and Coutinho are playing on the same team. 

1:45- Pele and Coutinho almost shoot at their own goal, but pass it out of bounds, giving the other team a corner. A bold strategy, we’ll see if it pays off for them.

2:41- Computer Pele scores on the real Pele. He doesn’t look pleased.

3:25- Coutinho kicks the ball out of bounds, giving the other team a corner.

3:35- Coutinho runs the ball out of bounds, again giving the other team a corner. Frustration sets in. Laughter increases. 

5:40- Pele shows the first signs of attack but, instead of sending a cross in, he runs out of bounds giving the computer a goal kick. Another bold strategy. 

6:15- The first shot of the game for Pele and Coutinho! Pele asks which button to press to “shoot” before firing the attempt high. 

6:40- They lose. But spirits are still high.

If you’re a FIFA aficionado, we hope this video brought you some laughter and a realization. Sure you may get frustrated playing FIFA, but if these guys can have some fun without even knowing how to pass the ball in the game, then a loss to your buddy can be swept under the rug. Unless its a common occurrence. Then just give up. 

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