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Reports: PSG Will Attempt To Get Its Money Back From Barcelona For Neymar

Barça should start a GoFundMe.

Just two years ago, PSG shook the soccer realm by acquiring Neymar by way of a $263 million transfer.

Now with plenty of talent to go around in Paris and Barcelona missing its favorite Brazilian forward, Barça has to look into sending the same money back to France.

PSG hopefully kept the receipt for Neymar, but Barça may have some return policies.

The LaLiga champs will look for alternative financial options that aren’t ridiculous, but the desire for Neymar’s return could trump their fiscal responsibility.

Neymar will also reportedly be willing to take a pay cut to better Barça’s situation. The Brazilian could shed $6 million off his current contract.

The GOAT Lionel Messi has been adamant about the return of the third musketeer to rejoin with him and Luis Suarez.

Barça will still attempt to package a deal to send some talent to Paris in order to bring down the hefty price tag.

Midfielder Philippe Coutinho is one player rumored to being in the transfer talks.

After just one lackluster season with Barcelona, the team might be ready to part ships in order to acquire a bigger piece in Neymar. Coutinho was another big haul for Barcelona just last season being bought from Liverpool for $105 million.


The 27-year-old is also being sought after by Manchester United, but with all of Barcelona’s focus on Neymar it’s unlikely we’d see him return to the Premier League.

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