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Neymar Never Should Have Left Barcelona — His Words, Not Ours

It appears 27-year-old superstar Neymar has spent enough time away from Leo Messi and Barcelona.

Reports have surfaced that Neymar has made it clear he wants to go back to Barcelona and that he never should have left in the first place. 

This comes less than a day after Messi told the team he would prefer the return of Neymar over the potential addition of French star Antoine Griezmann.


PSG will reportedly be just fine with the timing of parting ways with Neymar.

It has been two years since the Brazilian left Barcelona and inked a five-year deal with the Ligue 1 juggernaut.

Since joining, Neymar has enjoyed two French championships and solidified a destructive front with Kylian Mbappé and Edinson Cavani.

Neymar has netted over 50 goals in his short time with PSG in all competitions.

Coincidentally, Barcelona has also enjoyed two LaLiga titles and was just one goal away from a trip to the Champions League final. Barça only lost three league games on the season and was unbeaten in all competitions from late January through early May.

Barça enjoyed a smooth 11-point finish above the second-place Atletico Madrid on an off year for the usual alternate contender Real Madrid. The champs drew with Real Madrid at home and won 1-0 in Madrid this season. 

With the recent and ongoing resurgence of Real, Barcelona will surely need to add the likes of Neymar (or Griezmann) into the mix.


The news days after all the Griezmann craziness is leading to serious rumors of a three-team swap between plenty of international superstars.

Griezmann to PSG would be nothing short of spectacular for French fans and Barcelona fans should have no issues with making the GOAT happy if he wants Neymar back on the club.

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