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Neymar’s Going To Fight For His Right To Party

Neymar loves to party. He might even love it more than J.R. Smith does. There’s nothing wrong with that, the guy’s 24 years old. 

The Barcelona superstar has been living it up during his time off. He was not playing during the Copa America because the Brazilian Football Confederation preferred that he played in the Rio Olympics, but that didn’t stop him from watching a Brazil Copa match with Justin Bieber, Lewis Hamilton, and Jamie Foxx.

Neymar parties with Justin Bieber

Photo: @MotivacionesF | Twitter

He went to Vegas and partied like a king. Hell, he even landed a role on the upcoming xXx: Return of Xander Cage movie.

Now, how much does that affect his playing for either Barcelona or the Brazilian national team? One poor Brazilian reporter dared ask the question during Neymar’s first press conference before the Rio 2016 Games.

First, the reporter asked if Neymar appearing alone while going into training sessions and games had anything to do with his sponsors.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” was the nonchalant reply from Neymar. 

The reporter then remembered Neymar’s infamous Instagram post bashing Brazil’s critics after the national team was eliminated in the Copa America Centenario. He went further, saying Neymar had no problem with showing off and going out to clubs even after tying a match against Uruguay and being suspended for the next game.

What came after was an epic answer from the Barcelona winger: “First, you have to start looking at the things I do on the field. The private stuff, from the moment I’m off, regardless of what, is my private life.”

Apparently, the reporter looked away from him here.

“I’m talking to you, can you please look at me? Thanks. You ask me something, let’s look at each other. Let’s keep a friendly vibe, nobody gets mad, and nobody gets sad,” laughed Neymar.

“Regardless of anything, you have to judge me on the field. You talked about the cards. I have no problem with being called out on that.

“Now, I have my private life. I’m a 24-year-old guy. I have my achievements. I have my things, and I’m very chill about it. You can criticize me. I have my mistakes as well. I’m not a perfect guy. But I still like going out, having fun with my friends.

“I have my family, I have my friends, so why can’t I go out? Why can’t I go to parties? I don’t think there is a why, right?

“I can, and I will go. As long as I’m committed about my duty the next day, I’ll keep going out, and I don’t see any problem with it.  That’s my private life.”

Neymar finished his response with the greatest rhetorical question of all-time: “Imagine you, 24-years-old, with what I have and what I’ve accomplished. Wouldn’t you be like me? That’s the question I ask you. Thanks.”

Neymar metaphorically dropped the mic, and don’t you ever come around asking about his partying lifestyle again.

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