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Neymar Is Going To Unleash His Music Upon Us Because It’s Time

Remember when Daft Punk released their magnum opus Random Access Memories in 2013, heralded with a genius marketing campaign combining new school strategy and old school nostalgia? By slowly teasing the album’s release, the electronic masters created a buzz that engulfed social media. 

It has been three years since those seminal moments in the music industry, but we appear to be on the verge of another musical zeitgeist. The sound of 2016 is going to be provided by none other than Neymar, his aptly titled #Neymusico already causing a Twitterstorm.

Hours after Barcelona’s shock 2-1 defeat at home to newly promoted La Liga side Alaves, Neymar took to Twitter to announce his forthcoming single. You see, that’s how you create a marketing splash.

It’s probably not the news Barca manager Luis Enrique wanted to hear, but that hasn’t stopped the tweet from going viral. 

Neymar’s #Neymusico is going to be bigger than Jese, AKA Jey-M, hitting us with “Yo sabia”, and it’s certainly going to be more raw than Clint “Deuce” Dempsey’s “It’s Poppin” track. 

“This Wednesday I begin my music career and I’m going to release my first song on Facebook. We will have ‘Neymusico’. Share it,” reads the AS English translation

When you're surrounded by yes men in your clique, embarking on a professional music career is always a good idea.

What exactly is Neymusico? At this point, we can only infer that it’ll be a healthy blend of Neymar and music — perhaps 50 percent Neymar, 50 percent music.

As a man who’s also known to be a fan of Samba and its subgenres, we’re guessing it’s going to be good stuff to just vibe out to, man.

Neymar and Barcelona play host to Celtic on Tuesday in the Champions League. Win or lose for the Blaugrana, I’m sure they’ll be bumping Neymusico in the locker room. 

(H/T: AS)

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