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Neymar Describes The Craziest Thing He Has Ever Received From A Fan

Let your imagination run wild on this little question: you are a multimillion dollar, 22-year-old footballer from a country absolutely obsessed with the sport, part of the best attacking line in the world, and have a combined 39.1 million fans on social media, what is the craziest thing you have ever received from a fan?

Even if we keep our answers PG-13, the possibilities are endless: cars, cakes, paintings, photos, cool gadgets, love letters, fan letters, letters written in a language you can’t even read, watches, clothes, invitations, business proposals, a scale wax replica of your face. There is no limit to what over 39.1 million people could send you, assuming they could figure out where to actually send stuff so that they are sending said stuff to you. 

Logistical problems aside, all this really makes you wonder: what is the craziest thing that Neymar — that whole first paragraph describes him, by the way — has received from a fan? Well, we’ve found out. 

During an extremely personal look into his personal life courtesy of an online series uploaded to Neymar’s YouTube Channel, Neymar’s own sister and father took to asking him questions submitted by, we assume, fans. After a couple softballs and otherwise touching moments, the most scandalous question of the bunch was asked: “what was the craziest gift you ever got from a fan?”

This is not the first time that a cultural icon has been sent some underwear and nudie pics from an adoring fan. When you have all of the things that Neymar has, and you are good looking to boot, it just comes with the territory.

In fact, I am pretty sure that Neymar has received even crazier gifts from fans, but considering the family setting, this is about as juicy a confession as we can get. The real question now is, what did he do with the panties and those pictures?

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