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Neymar Attempts To Kill It On The Dance Floor. Fails. Still Hangs Out With Dancers After.

Look, every person deserves a vacation. The stress of work can get to us all, especially when we fail horribly at something, like, I don’t know, the Brazilian National Team has for the entire past year. 

Last summer at the World Cup, Neymar, Brazil’s captain, escaped most of the blame for his team making men, women, and children cry as if they had just seen Jesus reborn and then sold into the international sex trade, because he was injured. This summer, there was no escaping the wrath of Brazilian football fans and media. He is the unquestioned leader of the team, and getting sent off for a petty show of petulance, and banned for the match in which Brazil was eliminated from the Copa America, was not taken lightly. 

Unsurprisingly, he said he needed a vacation. I would too if my entire homeland was caught between hating me and chastising me. 

The man said he needed to escape an atmosphere that would be “joyless” and “kill [him] inside,” and he certainly seems to have done that if this video is anything to go by. 

Brazil’s (normally) favorite son was busting a move on the dance floor at a MC Ludmilla set in Sao Paulo. He wasn’t very good but — color me shocked — it didn’t matter one bit.

Later that night he was snapping pics with the very same professional dancers that were half-heartedly attempting to make his moves look passable. 

Neymar surrounded by three smoking hot dancers

Photo: @neymarjr | Instagram

In all fairness, Neymar is one of the most charming guys in the world of soccer. It’s impossible to look at things like his Instagram account and not like him. 

Case in point: 

De ontem ... #ArraiadoNJ

A photo posted by Nj (@neymarjr) on

I’d hangout with him, too, average dance moves be damned. 


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