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Arsenal’s Nacho Monreal Shows You Why You Should Never Give Up On The Ball

Arsenal’s Nacho Monreal is an example for younger generations. He miraculously saved a header in the game against West Brom.

Nacho Monreal save

This Nacho Monreal save was incredible. (Photo: @afcstuff | Twitter)

Remember when you were a little kid, training at soccer? Surely there was at least one time you were feeling kind of lazy and decided not to go running after the ball like a madman running for his life. 

Though maybe if you had ran like the devil was chasing you, you would be playing for some big team now. Perhaps if you hadn’t been so lazy your coach wouldn’t have yelled at you manically in front of your family and friends: “NEVER GIVE UP ON THE BALL!!”. 


So take a second, feel remorse for all you could have done better in life and see how the pros handle things.

Some would consider Monreal’s attitude to entail a sort of leap of faith: believing you will be able to save the ball when no one, not even your daddy cheering at the steps, nor you coach at the verge of a heart attack on the sideline would.

Besides the incredible save, against West Brom Monreal had 94 percent passing accuracy, six interceptions, four clearances, and two won tackles.

I remember a P.E. teacher once saying: “A quitter never wins. A winner never quits”.

I know, super cheesy. Super true too.

And Monreal never quit.

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