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Mexico Releases 2015 Copa America Kit. But Is Something Missing?

Personally, I think Mexico’s 2015 Copa America Jerseys look pretty amazing, but you can judge for yourself. 

Mexico 2015 Copa America Kit - Home

Mexico 2015 Copa America Kit - Away

These jerseys are simple, modern, but very different from the green we are used to seeing. 

There is no denying the sleek vibe of the new uniforms. The  hint of Mexico’s red, green, and white at the waist of both jerseys, and the grey bar pattern on the black ones, are both nice touches. 

For some added perspective, we asked our office’s biggest El Tri fan, Saul, and our soccer fashion consultant, Steph, their opinions on the new kits:

Saul - “I think the jerseys are quite different. I don’t know how to feel about them to be honest. I think Mexico is known for the green jersey and, so, with these jerseys…they are quite hard to get used to."

Clearly, this is a story of love at first site. Let's see how our resident fashionista reacts:

Steph - “They’re definitely pretty cool. I like the small designs in it that are definitely really cool, but [they are] lacking  representation of Mexico's country and  flag…but [they are] still pretty sweet.”

Obviously, the lack of the color green that has so come to define El Tri has been a point of controversy. We hope that after some time everyone will embrace this new jersey because, in the words of Steph, it’s really cool.

Mexico is going to face some stiff competition in the Copa America this summer, but now they know that, win or lose, they will be the best looking team on the pitch. 

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