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The Mexico National Team Uses Delta Airlines, Flies In The Face Of Ann Coulter's Rage

Ann Coulter can add another thing to be angry about: the Mexican national soccer team. 

Coulter, an author and outspoken pundit who does not like immigrants or soccer, went on a massive Twitter tantrum over the weekend for a minor issue with her flight on Delta Airlines. 

The Mexican national team has no issues flying Delta, even giving the airline a virtual fist bump as the team took off Monday for the Gold Cup quarterfinals in Phoenix. 

Over the weekend, Coulter excoriated Delta for moving her from an aisle seat with extra leg room to a window seat with extra leg room, tweeting more than 50 times about the incident. She claimed the $30 seat upgrade cost her $10,000 of her time to book (I need her to do my accounting next tax season). 

As an author, Coulter used her brilliant vocabulary to blast Delta, calling them “suck-ass” and “suckiest” before turning her vitriol to other Delta customers. She even tweeted a photo of the poor woman who was seated in what Coulter thought was her rightful throne.  She moaned the woman who took her seat was “dachshund-legged” (though, again, her seat still had the same amount of leg room). 


The only dachshund-legged person on Mexico’s flight was 5'6" midfielder Orbelín Pineda.


This is not who took Ann Coulter's seat. Photo: @PupTime | Twitter

The Mexican team landed safely with no word of whether anyone's seat was changed unexpectedly. 

To be fair, El Tri has a partnership with Delta (and its partner Aeroméxico), so it’s unlikely Mexico would insult Delta even if someone went wrong with the flight. 

But given Coulter’s past hatred toward just the type of people who love the Mexican soccer team, Delta may have a few more customers heading its way just to spite Coulter. 


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