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Messi Reveals His Best Friend At Barcelona

OK, so we all want to be Lionel Messi's best friend, right? For those of you hoping that someday you can meet Messi and become best friends with him, we have some bad news. He already has one.

At Barcelona, at least, so there's still hope for those among Messi's legion of prospective best friends who think they still have a shot. Dani Alves, though, is going to be a hard man to beat. Messi, in a recent interview with FourFourTwo magazine, said this:

"I’ve always been close with Dani Alves, since we shared the right wing together when I first broke into the Barcelona first-team."

He went on to say this:

"We’ve spent many years together, both on and off the field. Day-to-day, we’ve got a very strong relationship, which is also of a great help on the field; it means we understand each other’s games very well."

Now, this interview is, we assume, translated from Spanish into English, so take those quotes with however many grains of salt you feel like, but it sure sounds like Messi is pretty fond of Dani Alves.

Hey, if Dani Alves leaves Barcelona at the end of the season like many have speculated, maybe Messi will have to find a new best friend? If not, take comfort in the fact that if he can't have you, Messi could do worse than Dani Alves.

H/T FourFourTwo


Alves lived up to his reputation the other day against AS Roma in the Champions League. Messi had lobbed the keeper to finish off one of the best moves of the season with Alves running towards the net. Instead of interfering with the play and possibly garnering an offside call, Alves let the ball drop into the net. Golazo!


Dani Alves has officially transfered to Juventus FC from FC Barcelona, ending his highly successful era at the club, and his partnership with Messi.

The two will likely remain friendly, but Messi is going to have to recieve assists from someone else now, not that he'll have a problem finding someone.

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