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Messi: Guardiola, Bayern’s Injuries Are Not Factors

Lionel Messi has never been known to run from a challenge, and he certainly hasn’t made habit of hiding behind excuses. That disposition was on full display prior to his biggest match of the year.

The last time Messi faced Bayern Munich in a Champions League semifinal, Messi wound up on the receiving end of a 7-0 aggregate drubbing. His team was suffering from injuries then, but as he faces Bayern again, it is the German side with a laundry list of injuries.

According to Grup_14, a Barcelona fan group on Twitter, Messi believes that injuries are not, and never will be, excuses to hide behind.

Messi has also gone on record saying that facing former coach Pep Guardiola is a non-factor heading into the game. 

“Once the game starts that is not so important, it will be a game like any other."

Messi did recognize the impact that Guardiola had on himself and Barcelona during his tenure at the club. 

"I grew and improved so much as a player during Guardiola's time here, and won all the trophies, which is the most important," Messi said. "He knows everybody well, he was a long time with us. We experienced many important things together. Not just me, but all the players.

But also stated that Guardiola does not add anything special to the game, and that the biggest goal on the day will not be personal, but competitive. 

"I do not know if it is the most special moment, but it is very important, as we are close to the final," Messi said. "That is why it is special -- we are fighting for all the trophies we set out to win at the start of season. The motivation comes from the game that it is -- we want to play the game, and to reach another final." 

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