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Manchester United-Arsenal Was The EPL Game Of The Year So Far

Manchester United-Arsenal was the best game of the Premier League season so far. The highlights prove it, and some other thinga also prove it.


Some Things That Happened During Manchester United-Arsenal

De Gea Incredible Save On, Um, Lukaku

Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku is apparently so desperate to end his goal drought he's even trying to score in his own net. Unfortunately for him, David De Gea was in the way (more on this later).

Ashley Young Can See The Future

I don't know why Ashley Young retreated to the exact spot that free kick ended up right before it was taken. The announcers speculated his goalkeeper or manager told him to do it. Maybe he is a seer. Maybe one of those origami fortune teller things alerted him to the danger before the match even started. We'll never know.

There Is A Forcefield Around The Goal

Arsenal could not finish on Saturday morning (except for the one goal they scored). Sure David de Gea was playing out of his mind, but the Gunners did themselves no favors either.

More David De Gea Tings

De Gea equalled the EPL record for saves in a game with 14 because he is as lithe and agile as a jungle cat and has stickier hands than (redacted).


Pogba will miss the Manchester Derby next week, which, if you've seen Manchester United try to play without him, you know is bad.

What a game. This sport is so fun.

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