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Luis Suarez Is King Of The Side Volley

Some great players are simply synonymous with their actions on the pitch. Andrea Pirlo is heralded as the world’s greatest direct free kick taker, Lionel Messi is unsurpassed when it comes to dribbling and Cristiano Ronaldo’s right foot is a bonafide deity. 

For Luis Suarez, his reigning domain is certainly more niche but no less impressive. No one hits a side volley quite like the Uruguayan number nine. 

A side volley is one of the more difficult actions in all of football — it requires perfect technique, impeccable timing and great power. When pulled off correctly, it’s a spectacular motion and shot that’s guaranteed to be among the goals of the year.


Luis Suarez side volley

Don't worry, Luis Suarez knows what he's doing. Photo: @karimatchett | Twitter

Luis Suarez hit not one, not two but three mesmerizing side volleys that resulted in goals for Barcelona in 2015-16.  

For an idea of just how absurd this is, here’s the worst pick of the bunch:

Luis Suarez side volley vs. Real Sociedad 

As a defender, there’s nothing to do but stare along with the rest of the stadium. To smash the ball out of the air like that, most mere mortals would surely attempt to control the ball, is the last thing any defender is expecting. 

It’s a sudden, unforeseen attempt on goal that unfolds like a verse from Robert Frost: “I’d like to get away from earth awhile/And then come back to it and begin over.”

Suarez briefly leaves the earth, levitating on his side like a madman before unleashing unstoppable drives into the side netting. He does this with freakish regularity.

Luis Suarez side volley vs. Roma 

And here’s his masterpiece from last season, a goal so absurd that it just gets better and better from every angle.

Luis Suarez side volley vs. Arsenal 

Luis Suarez scored 59 goals across all competitions for Barcelona last season, but these three, for me, are a true representation of his genius. He’s probably the world’s best number nine, and he’s certainly the best when it comes to a little side volley action.

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