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Messi vs. Ronaldo: The Ultimate Comparison

When most people compare and contrast Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, they only focus on their soccer abilities. But we want to know: who lives the more lavish lifestyle?

If you were to wake up next morning having gone through some sort of body snatchers experience, whose house would you rather wake up in? Whose car would you rather drive to training? Who sports the best look? These are the questions that we set out to answer.

First, we'll tackle the homes or, in the case of the superstars, mansions.

Ronaldo’s house is exactly what you'd expect: sleek, stylish and with a hint of flash. His $7.1 Million home in Madrid has 8,600 square feet, seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a trophy room and, of course, a soccer pitch:

Even Ronaldo's mansion in Madrid looks sleek and stylish. Photo: @ItsAthleteHomes | Twitter

Messi’s house, on the other hand, is also exactly what you'd expect: a soccer ball. While his competitor decided to spend his money building a home that looks like, well, a house, Messi decided to model his home after the one thing that made him famous: a soccer ball.

Messi’s home was designed by Luis de Garrid in the superstar’s attempt to literally eat, sleep and breathe soccer. Designed to look like two halves of a soccer pitch, with the number 10 built in, Messi has certainly outdone his Portuguese counterpart.

Messi balled out when designing his unique mansion. Photo: @ItsAthleteHomes | Twitter

Though Ronaldo's mansion is impressive, Messi's soccer inspired eco-house is the clear winner here.

Messi 1 | Ronaldo 0


While their houses are far from one another, that can’t always be said about their yachts. Last offseason, the two found themselves parked nearly next to each other as they enjoyed some well deserved time off in Ibiza.

They went to Ibiza to get away from it all. That didn't happen. Photo: @Footy_Jokes | Twitter

For Messi's offseason vacation, he chartered an 85-foot yacht called the "Seven C" with a chef, three crew members and a jet ski, which cost him just $8,500 a day. Nothing to the best player in the world.

Messi fittingly decided on the white yacht for his Ibiza getaway. (Photo: Twitter)

Not to be outdone, Ronaldo made sure to bring a black, slightly larger, slightly sleeker 110-foot yacht. That's about 25 feet bigger than Messi's.

Though it appeared that both superstars enjoyed their vacation, it's clear who sailed in style. Cristiano's win ties the competition.

Ronaldo 1 | Messi 1

Ronaldo may have taken the edge when it comes to vacations, but what about more daily activities? Our next showdown compares their rides to work.

Messi's cars are nothing to scoff at as he owns many, including a Ferrari F430 Spider. He was recently rumored to have bought a €32 million 1957 Ferrari 335 S Spider Scaglietti. Though his ride of choice is this understated Maserati GranTurismo.

While Messi's car collection is no slouch, Ronaldo is quite the auto collector. His garage consists of 19 cars, including the fastest car in the world, this £1.7million Bugatti Veyron:

Messi may have more Ballon d'Ors, but Ronaldo clearly wins this comparison as nothing beats pure speed.

Ronaldo 2 | Messi 1


Finally, and maybe more importantly, we compared haircuts, with Messi being in the spotlight following the Barcelona star's new look.

Messi's hair has come a long way since his early playing days with the Bieber inspired look. Now he sports a new color all together.

Conversely, Ronaldo's hair has changed little over the past few years, and when I say it hasn't changed, I mean it literally doesn't even move when he plays with all of the gel in it.

Have you ever heard of kids asking for Messi's haircut? No? Then I'm going to have to give the edge to Ronaldo, as kids around the world want their hair to look like his. 

Final score: Ronaldo 3 | Messi 1 

Tell us who you would rather wake up as tomorrow morning.

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